Très Oui | Singles Going Nowhere | CD


Shoegazey indie pop from Austin, Texas featuring 2 current and 1 ex member of Literature!


Shoegazey indie pop from Austin, Texas. Two current and one ex member of Literature starts a new band in Austin, TX. Here’s their first thing including 5 tracks + 1 bonus track (CD only). Literature’s 2nd album is on Slumberland, and their name is now well known around the world. Like Literature, Tres Oui music is timeless, full of effortlessly catchy and well-crafted tunes that echo pop legends like Smiths and Orange Juice. If you’re into Literature, you gotta listen to their new project, Tres Oui!

Track Listing:
1. Fall Back

2. Prince Of Pop

3. Party Planner

4. Honolulu

5. Dead Ringer

6. Phillips Calling

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