Swampass | No Means Go | CD


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From the a**hole of the American Midwest comes a power-trio that was born to rock your cocks off. Emerging from the slime of endless victim-oriented, whiny, jackoff, Shiny Happy People bulls**t, Swampass is here to save us all. Hallelujah, brothers and sisters! With the release of their first full length recording, No Means Go (CD on Reptilian Records/LP on Safety Pin Records of Madrid, Spain), Swampass have donned their helmets and axes are bursting at their chains to do battle in the big-time rock and roll arena. Though their influences are obvious (Stooges, New York Dolls, Jesus Lizard, MC5, Dead Kennedys, AC/DC), they are no nostalgia or gimmick-oriented band. They have plunged the depths of rock’s sh*t-filled toilets and returned with pure diamond-studded turds

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