Morbius | Sojourns Through The Septiac | CD


Morbius’ epic cosmic death-metal masterpiece.

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Sojourns Through The Septiac is a concept album about the evolution of an incorporeal entity through seven dimensions of time and reality. The entity transmigrates through an antediluvian global disaster (Elemental Prisms), is dragged down to the ugly, feral, animus inside all of us (Nature of Descent), shot across the cosmos into the next astrological age (Drowning Pisces), swept up to the apex of an Aztec pyramid to be sacrificially dispatched (The Arcing Obsidian), initiated into the sacred rites of a pre-historic cult (Antimatter Initiates), repeatedly annihilated in a never-ending cycle of self-destruction (The Suicides of Saturn), and then recreated through ancient Egyptian magic (Raising the Serpent). Sojourns Through The Septiac was recorded at Oblivion Studios in 1998 and then self-released in 1999. The 2018 re-release by Lost Apparitions Records features two bonus tracks that were recorded in 2017, a cover of OBLIVION’s classic thrash-metal masterwork “Bodies on Ice”, and “Infernal Imprint”, a crushing attack of speed and melody that was written by new MORBIUS member Mike Bossier, and ironically, the last song that MORBIUS ever recorded. Pages from CD booklet hold keys to unlocking the mysteries of the Septiac, with study quotations, cryptic symbols, and Mayan code accompanying the lyrics. The three original members of the band (Andy Sylvester, Matt Sylvester, and Jason Weir) wrote, rehearsed, and researched the concept album over three years, finalizing the pre-production process with a trip to Egypt months before laying down the tracks. The opening of Antimatter Initiates features a chant that was surreptitiously recorded inside the Red Pyramid at Dahshur, a booming vibration created by the voices of the band, others on the tour, and author John Anthony West.

Track Listing
Elemental Prisms
Nature of Descent
Drowning Pisces
(Tlachallel) The Arcing Obsidian
Antimatter Initiates
The Suicides of Saturn
Raising The Serpent
Infernal Imprint (Bonus Track)
Bodies On Ice (Bonus Track)

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