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Psychedelic technical brutality.

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Recorded at Gallagher Studios in Sterling, VA in 1994, AlienChrist was the product of intense rehearsal, recreational drugs, and a mutual progression in the technical skills of members Jason Weir, V.Bee Somphone, Andy Sylvester, and Matt Sylvester. With classic tracks such as “Ghosts”, a song about an out-of-control L.S.D. trip, “Visitors From Within”, an intersection of alien and human consciousness, and “Ritualistic Filth”, an unholy spell that summons an abhorrent monster, the album is a mix of hallucinogenic doom and technical viciousness, giving one an engaging listening experience (and if you are lucky, an acid flashback). The final track, “Mysteries Of The Worm”, is a three-song neo-Christian epic, consisting of two previously recorded songs – “Mortal Realms” from the band’s 1990 Realm Demo and “Remains of Jahveh” from The Shades Below album – and a new chapter, “Thirst Of The Heretic” the final nails in the symbolic cross. V. Bee Somphone left MORBIUS shortly after AlienChrist was released by Dutch label Cyber Music in 1995. The album was re-released by Lost Apparitions Records in 2016 as the band was re-forming for a three-year live performance stint with newly recruited member Mike Bossier. The cover art, painted by artist Phil Merkle, is based on a frame from the movie Alien 3.

Track Listing

Inverted Baptism
Visitors From Within
Worship of Grief
Spiritual Darkening
Channeling the Dead
The Cruel Ones
Ritualistic Filth
Mysteries Of The Worm

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