Morbius | Trismegistus | CD


A voyage through interstellar consciousness.

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Trismegistus (“thrice great”) refers to the third incarnation of Hermes in the Ptolemaic tradition, a conveyer of ancient wisdom to modern mankind and mage of arcane alchemy. The album is an anthology of sorts; the first three songs “Akashic Oversoul”, “Transit To Ether”, and “In Corporeal Gnosis” were recorded as an EP in 2002 at Oblivion Studios by the only remaining original band members, Matt Sylvester and Andy Sylvester, alongside session guitarist Kevin Fitch. With Jason Weir leaving the band in 2001, Andy took on guitar, bass, and vocal duties, while Matt handled drums and lyrics. Six bonus tracks fill out the album, “Tapping The Vein” from the 1998 Sojourns Through The Septiac recording session, “Nature of Descent” and “Theory Of Apocalypse” from a demo recorded at Oblivion Studios in 1996, “Encoffination” from the 1992 The Shades Below session, a song which had only been released previously by King Fowley’s With Your Teeth Records on the first Midnight Offerings compilation CD, and “Channeling The Dead” and “Underground Civilization”, two songs recorded live at the legendary Club Asylum in Washington DC in 1996.

Track Listing

Akashic Oversoul
Transit To Ether
In Corporeal Gnosis
Tapping The Vein (Bonus Track)
Nature Of Descent (Bonus Track)
Theory Of Apocalypse (Bonus Track)
Encoffination (Bonus Track)
Channeling The Dead (Live) (Bonus Track)
Underground Civilization (Live) (Bonus Track)

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