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The Notekillers, who originally slugged it out during the punk wars of the late 1970’s, continue their improbable reincarnation march with this barely-hinged celebration of rock & roll noise. Woefully under-documented back in the day, their only official recording – The Zipper, a self-released 7″ – was a favorite amongst the cognoscenti in the experimental underground and a secret influence on some of the most important avant-bands of the past 30 years. Now, following an acclaimed archival release on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace! label, the Notekillers complete their leap out of the shadows and land solidly in the present with We’re Here to Help – a brand new LP with material developed exclusively during their second life. This is the CD version which includes a bonus track not found on the vinyl. Rich with tuneful, neck-snapping hooks that explode at any and all times, this album will connect deeply with anyone who lives for the dizzying, defibrillating power of positive audio aggression.

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CD|PRHS|Prophase Music|11/9/2010

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