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From the dark corners of the basement to the streets, Seeing Snakes returns with their sophomore full-length release, Still Standing, on Phameless Records. Shying away from being pigeonholed into being defined by the cookie-cutter molds of what defines punk rock these days, Still Standing brings 13 tracks full of intense, hard-hitting anthems. Slap it on your turntable and tear your walls down.

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Seeing Snakes returns with their sophomore album, Still Standing, on Phameless Records. Seeing Snakes have made a name for themselves by playing explosively energetic live shows with bands such as The Dead Boys, Murphy’s Law, US Bombs, Total Chaos, and others. Formed in 2013, Seeing Snakes have played every imaginable venue, ranging from unlicensed bars in shady parts of town, to large stages that host national touring productions with the mindset of leaving nothing but scorched earth behind. Having toured as far out as possible, Seeing Snakes feel at home sharing the stage with just about any artist of any genre. With their new album, Still Standing, most of the songs on this album having been written during the COVID lockdown and the fallout thereafter, the songs are much darker and self reflective than other bands in the genre singing about drinking beer, partying and a vague definition of unity. Still Standing, features 13 tracks with enough pure ferocious raw energy and anthemic hooks to light a fire under you to cause a scene. Featuring such songs as “Unite or Die”, a straight forward call to arms for people who want to fight for a better life, or “Give ‘Em Hell”, a more self-reflective track about isolation and conflict within today’s society, Still Standing offers an experience that outside of the normal punk rock record. FFO: Avail, Strung Out, OFF!

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