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“Mr. Nice Guy” by Friend is a sonic rollercoaster that defies convention. With raw energy and fearless creativity, this album takes you on a journey through uncharted territories in music, with a unique sound they dub “Goblin Punk.”. Whether you’re a punk enthusiast or craving something refreshingly different, “Mr. Nice Guy” promises a ride that will leave you craving more.

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“Mr. Nice Guy” by Friend is not just an album; it’s a wild, electrifying journey through the uncharted territories of Goblin Punk. Hailing from Philadelphia, Friend injects a fresh dose of punk rock ethos into the scene with their experimental sound. With 13 tracks that defy conventions and challenge norms, this album is a testament to the band’s fearless approach to music-making. From the infectious energy of “Braces” to the raw intensity of “Wakeuptimetodie,” each song pulsates with a rebellious spirit that demands attention. Friend’s music is not just heard; it’s felt deep in the bones, igniting a fire within listeners to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. So why should you buy “Mr. Nice Guy”? Because it’s not just an album—it’s a manifesto for those who refuse to conform, a sonic rebellion against the status quo, and a reminder that in a world of uniformity, it’s okay to be beautifully, unapologetically different.

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