Raging Nathans | Losing It | CD


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The Raging Nathans, a band of ragtag punk musicians haunted by the ghost of the ‘90s from Dayton, OH in US. The production is slurred enough to create sort of a sonic barrage, generating a more muddled sound through which the vocals pierce through. Their songs are melodic, but are not what one might call “catchy.” This rough, carpe diem, “finish the songs before they finish you” mentality flows through the whole disc. Josh(singer/guitarist) from Rad Company, Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels, and etc.CD version available via Waterslide Records and vinyl version available from Recess Records, Dead Broke Rekerds, and Rad Girlfriend in the world.FOR FANS OF: BHOPAL STIFFS, SCREECHING WEASEL, NAKED RAYGUN, BROADWAYS, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, DEAR LANDLORD, TIGHT BROS

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