We Were Skeletons/Kids/Paxton/Florence & Libby | 4-Way Split | LP


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Item Description: this record is reminiscent of a fire hall show from the 90’s. 4 bands from eastern PA that don’t sound alike, but still fit together in spirit. This record is less about catering to the niche fans of sub-sub-genres than it is about celebrating DIY, music, and friendship. WWS play frantic early 90’s emo for fans of Spirit Assembly, Palatka, etc. F&L is a 3 piece that sits somewhere between hardcore and jangly noisey punk. Kids bring the mosh, knuckle-scraping hardcore for fans of Ceremony or Trash Talk. Paxton fancied themselves something of an east bay pop punk throwback a la the Lookout! Records roster circa 94/95. 500 copies pressed on black vinyl. Each record comes with a 3-color screened cover, a 16-page half-size photocopied zine, and a handful of stickers

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