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Recorded in Baltimore by Drew Mazurek (Jawbox, Texas is the Reason, PG.99), the 15 songs on “Nation in Distress” snap, crackle and pop with anger. Coming off like a cross between a young Danzig and Jello Biafra, vocalist Serge Goon's lyrics cover a range of topics: work, politics, modern excess. The instrumentation, covered by PJ & Dave on guitar, Mike on bass and Tom on drums, is not only the tightest in the Goons' ten year history, but compares to hardcore rockers like Discharge's “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing” and DRI's “Dirty Rotten LP”. In short, this one's a total rager. In a world where punk rock is becoming less a way of life and more a business, the Goons remain the real deal.

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**OUT OF PRINT** The Goons call Washington, D.C. home, but their self-described “mohican-kid speed rock” stands far afield from their capital city peers. Formed in 1994, this five piece has quietly made their mark throughout the East Coast. With three full length CDs, a 7″ and a split with Philadelphia’s The Boils under their belts, the Goons have joined forces with longtime fans Reptilian Records to release their fourth record, “Nation in Distress”.

1. Firefly in a Jar
2. Eight To Life
3. Daddy’s Girl
4. Toy Soldiers
5. Nation in Distress
6. Polluted
7. Nothing
8. Distination Unknown (Black Leather Couch)
9. Policies of Shame
10. Desperate Days
11. America Hates It’s Youth
12. Human Wheel
13. Stormtroopers of Good Faith
14. Romantic Interlude
15. Modern Man Ain’t Got No Soul

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