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an oppressive atmosphere that would snuff out the fire of even the most eternal optimist. – Brightest Young Things

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On Dark Sea Dream the group s full-length debut on Prophase Music the sprawling epic approach of post-punk and avant-metal pioneers Savage Republic and Neurosis undoubtedly set a precedent for Dark Sea Dream s explorations. Though recent recordings have shown the band wisely and tastefully incorporating new and unpredictable elements into their brain-rattling textures. While always extant the shimmering spacey melodicism of early Pink Floyd and the rambling balls-to-the-wall conviction of Neil Young and Crazy Horse has become more apparent colliding with the frazzled psychedelic skronk of Japanese freaks like White Heaven Mainliner and Flower Travelin Band. Throw in a healthy brown-acid dose of Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth and you re getting close to the scalding core of this already strongly realized band.

CD|PRHS|Prophase Music|11/9/2010

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