American Speedway | Howl Ya Doin?/20Th Century Boy | 7in


Debut single from East Coast thrashers American Speedway sophomore release A Bigger Boat (early 2011) establishes a nasty disposition while cutting teeth on their own brash hard rock punk metal More songs about about werewolves, sharks and pcp

“fearsome foursome that takes pages from the books of Nashville Pussy and Valient Thorr and, summarily burns them. This beer guzzlin’ amp fryin’ sweat a’flyin’ combo operates on precisely one setting, Balls Out, and could easily push your Austin hangover into DEFCON 5 before your uvula even knows what hit it.”-

this 7″ is most notable for taking the elegant, almost feminine glam of Marc Bolan and savaging it, scaring the hell out of it, and brutally beating it on a rock like a bear killing a trout (pardon me if that’s not accurate, I always fall asleep during Nature Channel shows). This raucous trash punk band sounds like they are gargling happy hour drafts and playing their instruments with mittens on, and thusly they are well named, because that’s exactly what America means to me! USA!

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Vinyl|7|PRHS|Prophase Music|11/9/2010

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Dimensions 7 × 0.1 × 7 in