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Screw32 was a Berkeley/East Bay area hardcore/punk band. Their name is derived from an anti-skateboarding measure on the ballots in Concord California. The band’s vocalist is Andrew ‘Andrew Champion’ Ataie who went on to a variety of bands like Hopelifter End of the World Shadowboxer and Highwire Days. Guitarist Doug Sangalang went on to the bands Limp One Time Angels and Jackson United. Bass player Jimi Cheetah went on to the bands Tilt and Nothing Cool as well as running Cheetah’s Records. Guitarist Grant McIntire and drummer Mark Mortenson went on to a brief stint in Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Mark Mortenson also played in the bands Grinch and Samiam. Grant McIntire and Andrew Champion also played in the band Dance Hall Crashers. Screw32’s music has been likened to Bouncing Souls AFI and Loose Change.
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