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Vehement Serenade is a melting point for some of hardcore and metal’s premier groups. Lead by veterans Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis/Freya) Mike Couls (Skarhead/Cro-Mags) Jamin Hunt (Sworn Enemy) and Eddie Ortiez (Sub-Zero) and Paulie Antignani (Sworn Enemy). Pooling their skills and long proven histories in the scene, all stops are pulled in this showdown of heavy weights that ignites passion and fury. Recorded and produced with Joey Z of Life Of Agony in NYC, this 7in is guaranteed to get a pit going. Look for Vehement Serenade on featured bills this fall including Tsunami Fest III w/ Sick Of It All, H20, Agnostic Front, Biohazard and many more. 7in color vinyl limited to 500 copies. Colors 100 White / 200 Trans Red / 200 Trans Blue

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