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New Jersey’s the Procedure favor an intense blend of hardcore aggression and emo dynamics with a hint of post-rock trickiness around the edges particularly in the way that songs like ‘Tackling the Azimuth’ shift in and out of lengthy and intensely rhythmic instrumental passages into melodic soaring choruses. Songs like the howling hardcore aggression of ‘Strip Mall Houdini ‘ and the barely minute-long ‘This Time It’s Personal ‘ sit next to slower but still powerful ‘Forcing the Pin Back into the Grenade ‘ and the outstanding anthemic ‘Exquisite Massacre ‘ giving Rise of New Reason a bit more musical and emotional scope than many similar hardcore albums. Singer Jesse Traynor invests guitarist Bill Henderson’s songs with enough vitality that they sound like his own and the rhythm section of bassist Eddie Adams and drummer Mike Donatelli are limber enough to navigate the songs’ shifts in tempo and dynamics with ease. ~ Stewart Mason Rovi

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