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Why do we live this way was something Kevin Day asked several years ago, yet those words still resonate as the foundation that Aspiga rests upon today. Following the release of their debut album Tense in 2010, Aspiga sonically evolved from a folk/punk duo into an abrasive melodic punk whole. Kevin Day began writing and recording under the name Aspiga on a journey of self-discovery. What began as a one man show quickly evolved into a full fledged band. Joined by Alec McVey on bass/vocals and Raymond Solowij on drums, the band has established their presence along the East Coast and Midwest through consistent touring and festival appearances. On their Paper + Plastick debut Every Last Piece, Aspiga crafted an album bound from the depths of heartache combined with the melodic angst of a band completely comfortable in their new skin.
While living just a stones throw away from one of the country’s largest independent music communities in Philadelphia PA, Aspiga have not fallen into the trap of smoke and mirrors when it comes to their songwriting. Their aptitude at crafting heartfelt, dynamic song structures is strengthened by Day’s lyrical themes of family, loss, and self-enquiry. Today Aspiga find themselves still searching for new questions to pose, while constantly leaving old chapters behind in the past. Looking towards the future and Aspiga appear more than able to begin whatever chapters await next.

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