Mopar Mountain Daredevils | Mopar Bloody Mopar |12 in EP


El Suprimo! | 6/21/2011 | Vinyl | 12in EP
1. Mopar Bloody Mopar
2. Yeti Stomp
3. Breathe
4. Tiger’s Paws

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Features Cotton Casino from Acid Mothers Temple. Mopar Mountain Daredevils create a swirling thicket of heavy psychedelia that has more to do with stoner metal than any current psychedelic rock trends. But where loud bands with less songwriting talent or imagination settle down with the almighty riff Mopar Bloody Mopar remains unhinged throughout careening from one passage to the next never looking back. The first thing that hits you on Mopar Bloody Mopar is how crisply the guitar effects pan out of the speakers almost glistening and in sharp contrast to the acid bath of rhythm lurking underneath. It is almost as though someone took rhythm tracks from a long lost ’70s heavy metal band and grafted beautiful spiraling fractals of guitar wank onto them in a thick-knit fabric woven of modern technology and 40 year old psych aesthetics. Like the best Sabbath albums Mopar Mountain Daredevils’ heaviness always comes caked in an irresistible sludge. Bits and pieces peek through like glimpses of some half-witnessed swamp thing. The whole EP sounds like it might have been recorded on top of a Himalayan peak with space and wind being the dominant elements of the effects board. Excess has been the norm with psych bands but the effect is for the album to fade out strangely becoming more minimalistic as the songs get longer and the beast settles back into the murk. An engaging debut from a promising band.

Record Store Day 2011 release; limited to 500 copies on red & black splatter-colored wax.

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