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We hate boring albums and cds, so along with 10 great songs, you get a lot of great bonus reading/viewing material!

The Griswolds (Montgomery County, PA) formed in the summer of 1995 with the original lineup consisting of Johnny Griswold on guitars and lead vocals; Bill Angry on bass and John Mims on drums.

The Griswolds started off strong, opening up for acts such as The Def Tones, Fu Manchu, The Muffs, and Goldfinger, at legendary sound holes such as Philadelphia’s Khyber Pass and the main stage at the Trocadero.

After tooling around for years, swapping out drummers, rhythm guitarists, and sax players (!), The Griswolds called it quits in 1999 when Johnny and Bill went off to start up a rock and roll/hardcore band called The Red Tops.

Once it became clear that The Red Tops wanted to go in a different direction musically, Johnny decided to move on and re-form The Griswolds, dubbing this version: Los Griswolds. Los Griswolds featured Johnny on guitars and vocals again, Brian Jonez on bass, and metalhead/brother Richie Griswold on drums.

Los Griswolds became quite popular with their legendary beer-spitting antics and drug/alcohol fueled rock and roll anthems. They toured all over the east coast and made a habit of destroying eardrums — yearly— at the famous Heavy Rebel Weekender in Winston Salem, NC.

Los Griswolds recorded and released their debut CD, Bring the Rock, which saw lots of airplay on local/internet radio stations.

In the winter of 2005, Johnny and Brian packed their bags and took Los Griswolds to sunny southern California, where they hooked up with Nathan Aurich to replace Richie on drums.

Los Griswolds continued to deliver good old-fashioned, raw, rock and roll to the good folks of So-Cal (and Vegas) for a number of years. Johnny then decided to move back east, where he hooked up with Bill Angry again and helped form the speedrock band, American Speedway.

After a couple years of heavy touring and recording, Johnny left American Speedway and went on to re-form The Griswolds in 2011.

With metalhead and brother, Richie, back in the fold on drums, The Griswolds recruited Tim Griswold from the punk rock and roll band Handsome Petes to take bass duties. And to make things interesting, Johnny moved from lead vocals to make room for RW Griswold. RW Griswold has fronted metal and punk bands in the Philly area, but now is front and center for The Griswolds.

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Second release from PA hard rockers. Accompanying the CD is a downloadable 28-page liner notes booklet in PDF format. The liner notes will include Sara Skweek photoshoot bonus shots; Jimbo Phillips’ cover artwork concept sketch to final design progression, band info, song lyrics, original cover art, live show photos, thank yous, etc.

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