Ludichrist | Immaculate Deception / Powertrip | CDx2


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The Immaculate Deception / Powertrip Double CD features all songs from these 2 classic rare out-of-print hardcore/metal albums. Each album appears on its own disc and the CD package also includes a full color booklet which contains all lyrics, photos, flyers and more. This is the only re-release of these two legendary albums fully authorized by the band.Hailing from New York, LUDICHRIST came together in the early/ mid 1980’s just as the hardcore, punk, and thrash metal scenes were flourishing in New York City. LUDICHRIST was one of those bands who perfected the art of crossover hardcore metal. Rising from the underground with the strength of their 1984 demo cassette, LUDICHRIST quickly gained popularity alongside of other underground bands such as AGNOSTIC FRONT, CARNIVORE, THE CRUMBSUCKERS, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, and ANTHRAX.

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