Kawabata Makoto And The Mothers Of Invasion | Hot Rattlesnakes | CD


Hot Rattlesnakes is a reissue of a classic out of print Acid Mothers Temple-related CD. Pressed in a limited quantity in the UK, it sold out almost immediately and currently commands high prices on ebay and is whispered about in hushed tones from those who have actually heard it. Guitarist Kawabata Makoto brings along Acid Mothers Temple cohorts Tsuyama Atsushi (Zoffy, Omoide Hatoba) and Ichiraku Yoshimitsu for one of the most out there power trio recordings ever. While certainly close to Acid Mothers Temple in sound and feeling, Hot Rattlesnakes certainly exists in its own little corner of the Acid Mothers Temple galaxy.

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CD|PRHS|Prophase Music|7/14/2009

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