Most Precious Blood | Do Not Resuscitate | LP


1 A Danger to Myself and Others
2 Shut the Fuck Up, Jailbreak
3 Meth Mites
4 Blame it on Altered Beast

5 Stuart is a Dead Man Walking

6 Upstate Ghost
7 Enthusiastic Eugenicist

8 Functional Autist
9 Graveyard Postcards
10 Of Scattered Ants That Swarm Together
11 Animal Mother

12 Do Not Resuscitate

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The new and long-awaited album from Most Precious Blood on limited edition vinyl in 3 colors! A digital download is included with your purchase. You’ll get the info for the download emailed to you on the release date so be sure to put your email address in properly. Look out for 5 golden tickets randomly placed in 5 records. If you get one of these instructions on how to claim the prize will be on it!VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES LEFT!

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