Astpai | Heart To Grow | CD


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Third full-length effort from Austria”s greatest export, Astpai. Thirteen songs of blistering melodic-punk and hardcore that draws its influences from the likes of None More Black, Trial By Fire, The Curse, and From Ashes Rise. With the release of this album, Astpai will continue to keep up with their massive touring schedule and play their hearts out. If this band isn”t on your radar yet, we”re not sure what planet you”re living on. Heart to Grow is a huge step forward for the band and shows just how much they”ve matured not only as songwriters, but as people as well over the past few years. Time spent on the road has translated into a well written, thought provoking and inspiring record, and we”re stoked to be a part of it! CD version comes with 13 tracks, LP has 12 but also includes a Digital Download Coupon for all 14 tracks that will also be available digitally.

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