Djin Aquarian & Plastic Crimewave Sound | Save The World | LP


Upon meeting in 2009, an immediate kinship was established between the legendary Ya Ho Wha 13 guitarist/sage Djin Aquarian and Chicago’s acid-punk minimalists Plastic Crimewave Sound. Through meditation, repetition, herbs, mountainous amplification, and a deep understanding and reverence for thee almighty Father Yod, mutual/musical sacred ground was immediately established, from the first devotional practice session. During an east coast tour pilgrimage the magical ties that bind grew tighter, and lo and behold, a recording studio residing in the remains of synagogue appeared in the wilds of Pennsylvania. Following in the tradition of Father Yod’s ancient mystery school SOURCE FAMILY jam sessions committed to wax in LA in the 70s, which resulted in true psychedelic cult classics like Ya Ho Wha 13′s Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony and I’m Gonna Take You Home, this quartet channeled the frequencies around them into 5 extended numbers–even revisiting the latter LP’s immortal title track ode, and YHW13-offhsoots Spirit of 76′s/Golden Sunrise’s savage We are the Dinosaurs. Originals materialized in some sort of mystic haze too, Like the Ascend, Ascending, Ascension/Ride My Merkabah suite of side 1, and a spacey Crimewavian number is mutated into the meadows of Ethereal Pastures. Just a bit of sitar was added by co-producer and PCWS-reserve Hands Of Hydra, all else that was captured in this recording was conjured live, just as the YHW13 classic Higher Key albums were. Housed in a holy crest of a sleeve, the inner gatefold reveals a day-glo battle of cosmic proportions, drawn by Pythagoras Aquarian (aka Plastic Crimewave) which will alter consciousness under any black light. This Lp also remains the final document of the core Plastic Crimewave Sound trio, of Gevurah Aquarian (Lawrence Skog Peters) and Sandalphon Aquarian (Mark Raspberry Kidd Lux) which has been space-trucking since 2001.

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Over 3 years in the making, at last the Djin Aquarian and Plastic Crimewave Sound Save The World LP is ready to be unleashed on this troubled planet. Djin Aquarian (Yahowha 13) joins Plastic Crimewave Sound in an epic psych Crusade!
RIFYL Yahowha 13, Incredible String Band, early Grateful Dead, No Neck Blues Band. Limited pressing of 500 (250 trans gold, 250 trans blue)

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