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‘Intersections’ is Dave House’s third full-length LP and is without question his best effort to date. Every song on the LP save for one beautifully minimalistic number is backed by a full band. This marks a significant change of pace from House’s previous solo work the end result being an incredibly coherent and well-crafted ripper that has made its way onto several ‘best of 2009’ lists.

‘Intersections’ isn’t a folk record nor is it an all-out punk rock record. It wouldn’t be completely accurate to call it folk-punk either. It’s just Dave House and his signature brand of WEAKERTHANS and BILLY BRAGG-inspired songwriting. No pretensions here only heartfelt introspective songs that attempt to ask and answer the questions that come along with being a 30-year-old musician. A narrative of sorts. A beautiful carefully-worded narrative.

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