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As far as heritage goes, New York’s Get Involved! have it sewn up—drummer Tucker Rule sat behind the kit in Thursday, while the group’s guitarists, Todd Weinstock and Brian DeNeeve, were in Glassjaw and From Autumn To Ashes, respectively. Completed by Marcus Russell Price on bass and vocalist Derrick Karg-Zamudio, the five-piece deliver a debut EP that takes some cues from those other bands but infuses them with their own sense of flair. Opener “Let Your Guard Down,” for example, sounds at times like latter-day Thursday, but when Karg-Zamudio’s semi-disembodied vocals float over the top of it, it’s clear this is a different beast entirely. “Paint It Gold” flits between being a pounding anthem full of aggression to something more sinister and fragile, utterly corrosive yet full of compassion too. It’s “Apathy” that unleashes the full ferocity of the band’s originality, however. Blending time and genres, elements of metal, hardcore and post-hardcore are fused to create a slightly grungy, somewhat confusing but utterly arresting (and anything but apathetic) powerball of a song. It lasts for just over four minutes, but seems to live a multitude of lives within that time, always holding you by the throat and screaming directly down it. It leaves the door wide open for what this band might do next, but if this is anything to go by, it’s going to be something genuinely interesting and exciting.- Alternative Press

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