MxPx | Plans Within Plans | LP


01. Aces Up
02. Screw Loose
03. Nothing Left
04. The Times
05. In The Past
06. Best Of Times
07. Stay On Your Feet
08. Lucky Guy
09. Far Away
10. Cast Down My Heart
11. When It Comes To You
12. Inside Out
13. Nothing’s Gonna Change

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Jump Start to Release MxPx’s latest full-length Plans Within Plans on Vinyl LP February 03 2012 09:19:18 AM by jeremy. As a college sophomore in 1995 studying broadcasting I did a video interview and feature piece about a local skateboarder for the final of one of my video editing courses. Before the widespread use of computers for video editing I sat for hours editing VHS tape reels on old school editing stations. For this particular project I used a track called Doing Time from the MxPx record Life in General largely known for the band’s breakout song Chick Magnet. Keep in mind this was all before Jump Start had even released our first record. Fast forward 17 years and I’m really excited to announce that on April 3 2012 Jump Start will be releasing the vinyl LP version of MxPx’s ninth full length record entitled Plans Within Plans. The first pressing of 2000 will be pressed on black (1000) translucent gold (500) translucent blue (300) and randomly mixed colored vinyl (200). The translucent gold will be exclusive to our mailorder and distribution while the randomly mixed colored vinyl will be exclusive to the band. I literally approved the proofs with the printers today and the lacquers for the record are being cut as I type! STOKED. Happy New Year

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